There was another good reason why your debt might be– that is unenforceable the creditors cannot produce the CCA agreement for the financial obligation.

There was another good reason why your debt might be– that is unenforceable the creditors cannot produce the CCA agreement for the financial obligation.

I’d a numerous loans with moneyshop last year. My final payment had been direct payday loans 2012 together with them chasing for re payment onwards. In 2013 there records show some payments were made by me via a business collection agencies company equidebt so that they took the account in the past my re payments ceased once more end of 2012. They used a standard (precise date uknown we have expected because of this info yet to gotten to but thet verify has come down credit history as passed away 6 years since used this). In 2016 i recommended on phone I happened to be liaising with action modification and you will be in contact which i didnt. 2017 telephone call made they refused by me to the company wanting to raise a complaint under affordability remit. No contact created using me personally by the business after this between 2017 and 2019 financial obligation and default taken from my credit history as time passed. Then 2020 passed debt to CRS legal threatning me with legal action april. we have attempted to challenge this over email, june 20 perhaps not acknowledging financial obligation but acknowledging previous loans requesting affordability claim to be considered once again and asking for details of said financial obligation they say i owe. They will have refused my claim. Is it financial obligation statute barred? Ive worked very hard to meet all my olds debts, with defaults. im worried off they are attempting to apply again about them applying a ccj when its already been on my file and when dropped?

2017 call made by us to the business attempting to raise a problem under affordability remit they declined. They declined in the phone? did you have correspondence by e-mail using them about any of it?

No e-mail and i cant recall they did if they sent a letter i dont think?

No i never made payments via step change .. final record of re re payment is 2013 via equidebt … ive challenged debt that is current threats citing statute barred .. their response ended up being merely that even though debt isn’t any longer on credit report havong passed 6 year mark it’s still enforceable.. if you have question about 2017 affordability issue reseting clock .. am i best making a strategy utilizing the business collection agencies business to settle . This may suggest its instead of my credit file ratger than danger a new ccj being put against me ..

Hi. Hope you’ll assist. We have put on the courts to create aside a CCJ ive recently noticed back at my credit history. It wasnt here in April 2020 however for some explanation it turned up in May 2020 dating back into 2017. The CCJ had been served during the address that is wrong. The claimant has accepted the CCJ ended up being offered during the wrong target and consequently they’ll be asking the courts setting it apart.

The payment that is last made ended up being Feb 2011. The CCJ according to my credit report ended up being placed on my file 2017 june. According to last re payment its over 6 yrs. They do say a default was served by them notice Sept 2011. But this too had been provided for the address that is wrong. I happened to be perhaps maybe not residing at that target in those days. I relocated away before 2010. Where do I stand with Statute banned and from when would they begin the right time limitation. Final re re re payment date or date of standard notice issued/applied/sent to incorrect target?

The claimant is asking for me personally to signal a consent kind in which they consent to put aside the CCJ but are requesting funds figure of 500. The full stability owed based on them is 947.

Sara (Financial Obligation Camel) says

The easiest argument is that the 6 years begins through the standard notice. Which will imply that it had been maybe not statute barred in June 2017 and certainly will maybe not be statute barred if the CCJ is taken away, due to the fact clock stops as soon as the CCJ ended up being sent applications for. On that foundation you might settle (or produce a re payment arrangement) for as low as you could possibly get while you don’t would like them straight away beginning an innovative new court situation.

But that only works together with some kinds of debt – once again National Debtline can speak to you about it.

Sarah Jones says

Many thanks a great deal for the response that is prompt on a week-end. The court at this time has requested evidence that is further the claimant. Copy of initial agreement. Copy of this deed assignment from original creditor. A duplicate associated with the notice of project. The standard notice. a statement that is certified of between claiment and defendent. If the above just isn’t provided. The court stated they will hit it down without further order.

When they do not have the initial agreement its likely they cant enforce it or may cool off.

We didnt understand why point through the courts.

Any celebration by this order made with no warning for them and / or of the courts motion that is own use within seven days of their solution upon them, for your order become put aside or diverse.

We do not understand what the above means. Do i must take action within 1 week to aside have it set as area of the put aside process.

Can I await the courts to get the data from claimant and find out exactly exactly just what the court purchases following the deadline. That will be about 2 weeks.

The claimant has recently accepted its been offered at wrong target. They genuinely wish to set it aside and settle away from court.

Sara (Financial Obligation Camel) says

We don’t give advice on court situations, i will be maybe not a solicitor. And I also don’t understand the information on your instance. We don’t determine if there was what you want to do or it could be useful to do.

Please phone National Debtline on Monday. And/or post regarding the Legal Beagles board.

Hi Sara My son has gotten a letter/statement from Lowell’s regarding a classic financial obligation they own bought he has got not compensated any such thing since Feb 2015 but on their credit history it offers standard date as Aug 2016. Our company is thinking about delivering a CCA letter would this reset the clock? Your debt had been for Tesco financial loan they usually have place the original agreement ref quantity from the page so would which means that they will have the CCA details?

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